A brief history of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church


On October 2, 1959 a meeting was called to organize a Baptist church. At the meeting, six members discussed the future of what would become Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. From Kalamazoo, Michigan, Reverend P.T. Tinsley, Pastor of Friendship Baptist Church; Reverend Bernis Warfield Sr., Pastor of Second Baptist Church; and Reverend Bernis Warfield Jr., Associate Minister of Second Baptist Church were present. Also attending were three members from Battle Creek: Reverend L.L. Tubbs, Pastor of First Salem Baptist Church; Reverend Earl F. Young, a member of Friendship Baptist Church; and Reverend Mose Collins.

During the meeting, seven letters were brought by interested members to organize the Battle Creek Baptist church. These letters were presented by Sister Ida Mae Young, Sister Henrietta Sims, Sister Etoria Mitchell, Sister Katie Page, Sister Essie Page, Brother B.C. Page, and Brother Quedellis Page.

Once the church was organized, it was motioned and seconded that Reverend Earl F. Young would be the pastor. On December 29, 1976 Reverend William Young Jr. was appointed by Pastor Earl F. Young as Assistant Pastor of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, effective January 1, 1977. Sadly, Reverend Earl Young passed away on November 14, 1982.

In May of 1983 Reverend William Young Jr., was installed as pastor. After over a decade of service, Pastor Young passed away on August 20, 1997. Early next year, on February 13, 1998, the congregation voted to elect Reverend Keith N. McDonald Sr., of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Reverend McDonald served until March 13, 1999.

On May 12, 2000 a meeting was held to vote on a new pastor. Reverend Jeffrey Curtis Franklin of Camden, Arkansas was elected and served until March 26, 2004. After his departure, Reverend Royce Evans, an Associate Minister at the Messiah Missionary Baptist Church served as interim pastor from August 12, 2004 until July 18, 2005. On February 16, 2006, a church meeting was held and the congregation voted to select Reverend Timothy P. Troxler as pastor.

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