A Five-Fold Mission for a Five Star Ministry!

Mission 1 – To Open People’s Eyes 

What does the phrase to open their eyes imply? It implies the eyes are closed. Do you understand we have physical eyes and spiritual eyes? The Bible speaks of a spiritual blindness. One of Satan’s strategies is to blind a person to the reality of their own condition.  If your eyes have been opened to the truth of God, then they have been opened to the truth about yourself.  What about your eyes; are they open to spiritual matters and places?

Mission 2 – To Turn Them from Darkness to Light

The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of light and life.  The world today is wrapped up in the kingdom of darkness. There is always that sharp contrast, and you are either walking in darkness or in light. Darkness is consistently used in the Bible as a reference to sin, and light as a reference to righteousness. We have become the righteousness of God in Christ, but unless we understand that wonderful fact, we will miss many blessings that are connected with it.

Mission 3 – To Turn Them from the Power of Satan unto God

God has goals for people’s lives, but so does Satan. Satan’s primary goal for an individual is steal the word of God from his life, to kill any potential ministry, and to destroy his peace, joy, and contentment.  Jesus died that He might redeem you from your slavery to sin. So, Mission 3 is to turn us from Satan’s power to God’s power.

Mission 4 – To Let Them Know that They May Receive Forgiveness of Sins

One of two things can happen to your sins, they will be forgiven by God, or judged by God.  God’s sentence against sin has already been announced. You might well say that the forgiveness of sins is the greatest need of man.  Unforgiven sin can prey upon your mind.  Jesus died for our sins 2,000 years ago. What the Lord has done to provide for our forgiveness was done on the day of His crucifixion, but it was in the plan of God even before the foundation of the world.   The thing that is necessary on our part, is that we understand the gospel to the point that we can place our faith in Christ, and in so doing we “receive” the forgiveness of sins.

Mission 5 – To Let Them Know They have an Inheritance Among Them Which are Sanctified by Faith that is in Christ Jesus

Not only is the past sin forgiven, but we now have a glorious future in the kingdom of God. You have an inheritance.  It is an inheritance of eternal life, which ultimately results in our going to heaven, but it has some wonderful “here and now” benefits as well.

We invite those who travel in this city place to come and join us in one of our many services so that we can sing together, “How Great is Our God.” – Psalm 145:3

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