The Marks of a Mature Faith


The book of James was written to help Christians take their faith to a higher level. Based on the text, it’s written to people who already have a faith in Christ and who understand the fundamentals of Christianity; but they’re having problems putting it into practice.

James spends little time on things like Christ’s deity, baptism, or the nature of the church. Rather, this is a letter about putting faith into action. It speaks to what Christian living looks like in practice. It’s about owning our faith and making it a part of who we are — not just a name we wear.

As we press our way through 2021, our key theme will be “Mature Faith”.  We will be highlighting “The Marks of a Mature Faith” using James 2:17 as an anchor Scripture and II Peter 1:5-10 as supporting Scripture.

Mature Faith:

  1. When Stretched, It won’t Break – Chapter One
  2. When Pressed, It won’t Fail – Chapter 2
  3. When Expressed, It won’t Explode – Chapter 3
  4. When Questioned, It won’t Cower – Chapter 4
  5. When Distressed, It won’t Panic – Chapter 5

Please join us virtually on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook and YouTube as we focus on maturing our Faith and receive strength from God’s Word to meet the challenges we face as Christians.  Remember, our faith is not determined by what we do, our faith is demonstrated by what we do.

Be sure to join us on this Christian journey as we live out our faith by our works.

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